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Brenden Valks The Gentleman - Your Sales Guy

Brenden Valks The Gentleman - Your Sales Guy

Hi everyone my names Brenden Valks The Gentleman I am your sales guy! 

For the last decade whether as an employee or contractor I have helped companies increase sales whether that was through cold calling, building content or coordinating with branding experts or design experts to build products, brand or freshen up a website, redo a product or creating specialty programs for sales and customer service... Really the list is endless!

Increasing sales in Steinbach, MB and beyond!

I'm not just dedicated to increasing sales I'm also a dedicated family man (I'm married and have 2 awesome boys!) I love good music, a good book (usually business related) and spending time outdoors. 

On top of all of that I'm a hopeless coffee addict - So feel free to reach out I'd love to grab a coffee with you anytime! (whether it's in person or if you live to far away we can video chat over coffee!)

Talk to you soon!