A great Advertiser, An even better Salesman

Picture of David Ogilvy from  Copy Blogger  

Picture of David Ogilvy from Copy Blogger 

A well dressed man knocks on your door around mid-day. He does not try and pitch you something the second you open the door, he's not awkward like so many are, he simply makes you smile and maybe even laugh. After talking with him for a moment he asks for a glass of water because it's so hot outside so you ask him to step inside. By the time he leaves you and your wife are the proud owner of a pale blue Aga Cooker.



"If it does not sell, it isn't creative"


The man that said those words and the man that sold the Aga Cooker was one and the same, that gentleman's name is David Ogilvy who most consider the father of modern day advertising. He also happens to he a hero of mine.


I put the quote up on the homepage of my website for 3 reasons:

  • What he has taught me about Advertising
  • What he has taught me about Sales and Customer Service
  • How much I believe in the quote above



When it comes to advertising there is SO much that we could talk about, when talking about what David Ogilvy has taught me (and so many others!) but I think for me, the biggest thing that I've taken from David Ogilvy when it comes to advertising is that writing copy for an ad is more then a picture and the words "buy now"


Advertising copy whether it's traditional or digital needs to be written intelligently, thoughtfully with a specific consumer in mind.


Your customers aren't stupid, stop writing ads that treat them as stupid.



David Ogilvy was a top notch salesman, I think that's why he was such a prolific ad man because he was a salesman first, always.

Now, when I say salesman a lot of people right away have thoughts of a slick car salesman, not the case!


David Ogilvy was a great salesman because he understood people, cared about people and really believed in the products he sold and later wrote ad copy for. He also worked harder then anyone.


Hard work and understanding is what made him top salesman at Aga so much so they asked David Ogilvy to write a training manual for future salesmen.


The best salesmen (and women) work harder then everyone around them, care about people and truly believe in the product they are selling


Sales = Creativity

The David Ogilvy quote above has always struck me as profound and I think more today then when it was originally said.


A lot of ads now a days built by agencies of all sizes are built for clients with clients money but the ad copy (writing) and imagery is all built to win an award of some kind. The award is to signify "this ad is creative" the problem with this, is that it takes the client and the clients business out of the equation.


The reason you and so many other businesses hire people to build advertising of all kinds is to do 1 thing... Sell!


Even when you want to do branding advertising you are still selling people that your brand stands for something.


Most or the time though, you are trying to sell products and services and so, if the ad does not do that it should not be considered a good ad, it should not be considered creative!


Whether branding or trying to sell more of a service or product your advertising should sell, period!


Wrap up

In today's world advertising comes in a lot of forms...

  • Print ads
  • Direct mail
  • Flyers
  • Digital ads
  • Video Ads
  • Blogs
  • Online articles
  • Radio ads
  • Podcasts
  • Product placements


And can be placed in so many places...

  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Trade publications
  • Local print
  • Social media platforms
  • Social influencers
  • Your website
  • Specialty websites in your space
  • Other people's websites ad features
  • Video platforms
  • Your own podcast, other people's podcast

The list is endless but in today's world you need to write blogs and articles and do interviews and how to's that position you and your business as the expert AND You need to do advertising that sells in an efficient manner so you don't waste time or money.




How to build content to be the expert (ask yourself)

  1. What sets you apart from your competition
  2. What's 1 thing your product or service does to save your customers
  3. What is technical about your product or service you could explain to your potential customers that your competition won't explain or just is not taking the time to explain

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Brenden Valks

Brenden Valks - The Gentleman

Brenden Valks - The Gentleman

Brenden Valks "The Gentleman"  is a passionate content creator and salesman that has helped companies he's worked for and with, increase sales by coming up with new products, alternative revenue streams, ways to get the 2nd sale build websites, articles and advertising, along with sales scripts and sales management. Passionate about helping you and your business -  increasing sales! 

Brenden firmly believes in hard work and word is bond, these two things are what drives Brenden to always do his best for his business, your business and in life in general. 

Brenden currently resides in Steinbach Manitoba with his growing family. 

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