DON'T curb your enthusiasm

This is not me but MAN do I wish I had a Beard and Mustache like this gentleman!

This is not me but MAN do I wish I had a Beard and Mustache like this gentleman!

For every sale you miss because you're too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you're not enthusiastic enough. - Zig Zigler


Most of us  don't feel enthusiastic every minute of everyday but when we are talking to customers or selling potential customers we need to have our enthusiasm meters on 11...


I put this Zig Zigler quote on the homepage of the website because Zig Zigler was a masterful salesman and amazing people person and he understood something that a lot of sales people, business owners and managers lose sight of.


They lose sight of their level of enthusiasm a lot of times. It usually goes like this:


Enthusiasim jorney

  • You are just starting out in a career or new company your enthusiasm is through the roof.
  • Your enthesusim goes down a couple of points because of negative people in the company who have been there for awhile
  • You're tired, I don't mean you didnt get enough sleep, I mean you've been with the company for a long while and you're not excited anymore
  • You are generally a very enthusiastic person everyday about your product and service but over time you've heard from customers, potential customers, co-workers or even management something to the effect of "hey, you're TO enthusiastic turn it down a notch. At first you shrug them off but over time they where you down like water against a rock.


Sound familiar?


I think we can all agree that we can relate to at least one of these, if not all of them.


Enthusiasm in the dictionary is defined as - intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.


Intense in my opinion is the perfect word to pull out. We should be so enthusiastic that we seem intense to some but to most people we look like we love what we do, love the companies we work for and the products or services they offer.


At the end or the day Mr. Ziglers quote was about sales. Be passionate and enthusiastic about the product and service you sell. To me this principal goes deeper, be enthusiastic about the teams you lead, the companies you run, heck be more enthusiastic about life.


The people that are not enthused by your enthusiasm can take a walk, giving the right people the opportunity to walk into your life.


I have it up on the homepage because it's a reminder for all of us, everyday to turn things up a notch in our lives.


So... Where are your enthusiasm levels at today?

Brenden Valks - The Gentleman

Brenden Valks - The Gentleman

Brenden Valks "The Gentleman"  is a passionate content creator and salesman that has helped companies he's worked for and with, increase sales by coming up with new products, alternative revenue streams, ways to get the 2nd sale build websites, articles and advertising, along with sales scripts and sales management. Passionate about helping you and your business -  increasing sales! 

Brenden firmly believes in hard work and word is bond, these two things are what drives Brenden to always do his best for his business, your business and in life in general. 

Brenden currently resides in Steinbach Manitoba with his growing family.