Bring The Personality!

Over the last few months I've had ongoing conversations with friends and those I work with around putting out content for the business and the 2 things I keep coming back to are...

  1. Quality

  2. Personality

A lot of people when they start thinking about content, they start thinking about having to hire a professional, script something out and do several takes to "get it right" 

They worry about the time, the money, and ultimately how it will look to others... 

NEWS FLASH... No one else is putting out content consistently, they have nothing to judge you on!

The other thing we talk about A LOT is, "I don't think I'll be good on video" or "I don't think i'm charismatic` enough" or "I don't think I have anything interesting to say"

Sound familiar?

A lot of people struggle with the same thing and my advise to my friends and those I work with is, PUT OUT CONTENT, just PUT IT OUT.

Someone out there will judge you but I promise those that judge are NOT putting out content themselves... 

There are 7.5 Billion people in this world, I promise you there will be some percentage of that who will relate to your message, to your personality and ultimately who will want to do business with you...

See talking to the internet is all about building a brand, business or personal or both, every-time you put something out you are telling the world who you are that's why you should get personal, let your personality shine through.

Doing this means:

  • You won't be vanilla

  • You will build an audience that cares

  • You will build an audience of fans who resonate with your message

To many people, in my opinion try and create a message that won't offend anyone and that will appeal to as many people as possible... This means they connect with NO ONE and NO ONE finds them interesting because they sound like everyone else.


Putting content out does not have to take a long time either, a lot of times you can start by doing short videos or posts or both while you're working.


This (putting out content) does not have to cost you a lot if any money at all. With a smartphone and data or internet access you can start putting content out as long as you're paying your cell phone bill you're good to go!

From there you can pay for editing programs and teach yourself or you can hire a professional but you don't have to start there, to get started!

Note - Although you don't ever need to hire a professional photographer or video person and you should JUST get started yourself, right now... There is value in hiring a professional at a certain point but that's not where you want to start (I have a lot of friends who do video and photo professionally for companies and love them dearly and they do amazing, amazing work and if you ask me I'd be more then happy to recommend the right people for your next project)

So in 2019 get those smartphones ready and start making content for social media, a blog, a vlog or whatever you have going on... Get it done and here's to a great 2019 of BRINGING THE PERSONALITY

ps. I have not been great at taking my own advise so this year will be the year of content for me Brenden Valks The Gentleman and Booth & Vanguard

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