How to increase your sales without spending money!

Do you know who your ideal customers are...?

Do you know who your ideal customers are...?

I recently finished putting together a short PDF or Ebook on "How to build YOUR customer profile" which you can check out by signing up for our mailing list (see below)


How to build YOUR ideal customer profile Ebook

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As I was writing it I kept asking myself, why would managers and business owners care about what I was writing, about how to nail down who their businesses customers are... 

What I realized was, although I'm helping businesses figure out who their customers (really) are. I'm REALLY helping to increase sales with no additional advertising or marketing spend, which I know managers and business owners will love!

With a few hours of work and filling out some information (which you can get from the download (go sign up above!) you can see sales opportunities, second sales opportunities, who to prospect and so much more. 

I'm a service based business that gets paid to help my clients increase sales and revenue through marketing, advertising, social media, product development, sales optimization and management, ultimately though I want to bring so much value to you and your business that what little I charge is worth so much more to you.

Oh and if you don't want to do the work of figureing out who your ideal customers are I can help, here's my flyer... 


You could also check out our full SALES BOOSTER PACKAGE



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Brenden Valks - The Gentleman

Brenden Valks - The Gentleman

Brenden Valks "The Gentleman"  is a passionate content creator and salesman that has helped companies he's worked for and with, increase sales by coming up with new products, alternative revenue streams, ways to get the 2nd sale build websites, articles and advertising, along with sales scripts and sales management. Passionate about helping you and your business -  increasing sales! 

Brenden firmly believes in hard work and word is bond, these two things are what drives Brenden to always do his best for his business, your business and in life in general. 

Brenden currently resides in Steinbach Manitoba with his growing family.