What I want life to be - A personal note!

I’ve decided that rather then keep two websites and write about two different things I am going to occasionally write a “personal note” post here on Booth & Vanguard to share more of myself, my thoughts and my journey in life and in business. Today I wanted to share with you some short term things I WANT to SHOW UP in my life.


As someone who has faith in God I want to start being far more consistent in the time I spend in my bible and prayer each morning. (mornings work best for me)

working out

In the last few months I've had this recurring thought where, if I don't start consistently moving my body and lifting heavy things, I may not be around for my kids, grandkids and great grandkids and although I have been working out more I want to get more consistent (daily)

healthy eating

Along with the above point I want to dial in my nutrition and eat well. (I am going to keep some gummies in my diet because no one really cares about hour stupid diet as Bert Kuntz would say!)

mental ability

I want to get better with my mental game. Mostly my fear. Fear of being a disappointment to my parents, my family. Fear of failing (even though I know failing at things preps you for the next thing in life) so the question I'm going to start asking myself is; if I was not afraid of what XYZ person thought what would I do.

Booth & Vanguard

I want to grow Booth & Vanguard by helping businesses and individuals grow.

In conclusion

What would you do if you weren't afraid? What would you like to accomplish in the short term. For me, after writing this, the 2 things that have stood out are consistency and beating fear.

How about you?

We should be constantly being hammered out into a better version of ourselves…

We should be constantly being hammered out into a better version of ourselves…