Some of the things we’ve done for other businesses…

+Set up and management of a CRM 

+Created an effective sales process 

+Created sales training and manuals 

+Trained a small sales team 

+Managed sales team

+Redesigned a corporate website that had the business looking like “the people” to work with in their industry (a project that they tried getting off the ground for 16 months with no success. I was able to get it done within 3 months)

+Rolled out a re-branding that positioned the business for their next generation of customers (B2B environment where the decision makers were younger then they used to be)

+Worked with a designer to build a logo that communicated the businesses brand message more effectively.

+Managed a call centre team of 25+ agents and their supervisor (a year long project that saw implementation of a coaching program, new more effective software implementation and we stood up a group of team leads)

+Built custom scripts used for different areas of the business from sales to customer service and even the receptionist. 

+Set up operational systems that streamlined, simplified and saved time and money for the company 

+Successfully created a new product based on the existing product line 

+Successfully rebooted an old product that made it more appealing to a new demographic

+Created social media plans and executed on them that built brand engagement (this was a 3 month project that saw the companies social media engagement go from just management and employees, to seeing people in the community talking about the posts)

+Wrote blogs for brands that positioned them as the “GO TO” in the industry (this was about writing mid to long form content)

+Provided social media management that increased engagement and foot traffic for the companies brick and mortar. (a 6 month contract saw foot traffic and “sign ups” for the product increase month over month for the time we were involved)

+Created email campaigns that had 35%+ open rates (if you get 21% or more in any industry you are doing fantastic)

+Created sales email campaigns that ACTUALLY sold product (1 particular campaign sold 4 units valued at a few thousand dollars each, the campaign itself cost only a few hundred dollars)

+Created digital ads that ACTUALLY sold product (1 particular campaign we ran sold 2 units valued at a couple thousand dollars each, the doubled their investment)

+Wrote direct mail campaigns that drove foot traffic into the brick and mortar that ACTUALLY sold product (1 particular campaign saw us deliver 1,000 mail pieces to a targeted audience. lots called with interest. 100 or so came in and 15 actually sold. 

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